Journal Entries

Week 1

I didn’t really enjoy the book so far. I believe it too be boring, the introduction stretches on too long. I believe the introduction didn’t need to go on for 5 chapters. However it did give a good insight into the rest of the book. I liked the idea of, The Testing, not the book but the actual tests. I found it interesting and quite unique, however I don’t like stories that are set in a dystopia, like The Hunger Games or Divergent. I like the main character, but if I were her I would follow her father’s advice and not trust anyone including Tomas.


Week 2

I loved how this week’s chapters went. I loved the action, because in the previous chapters, the chapters were very boring. This week was full of action and drama. I especially enjoy reading about how smart and sharp Cia (the main character) is. She questioned and judged a situation so well. My favourite scene where this was displayed was in the third test, she saw throughRoman’s deceitful plan, and saved Brick from being eliminated from the Testing. I’m so excited to read the next section because this section ended on such a huge cliff-hanger, with Cia clinging to the ledge for her life.


Week 3

I thought this week’s read was intense. A Hunger Games sort of thing. It was good, full of action and adventure unlike the first section we read. The best part for me this week was the last few chapters. The ones showing the mysterious man giving Cia food. I don’t know who he is, but if I had to guess, I think he is someone trying to give Cia a hand. I believe he wants Cia to win. I believe this because the water was not chemically poisoned. Although I dislike the fact that she did not share her food with Will and Tomas, but her reasons are understandable, but I still dislike it. Can’t wait to finish the book.


Week 4

This week’s read was good. I didn’t necessarily enjoy the book though. I think the book ended well, it ended on a reflective note. In Zeen’s transit communicator, I think she recorded memories of Malachi’s death and life, Ryme and the testing murders and what the testing really is; an inhumane way to figure out who the best leaders are. I also believe that in the next book she will find out what happened to those who did not make it to university. I’m going to read the next book to find out. I thought the book ran along the same lines as Divergent and The Hunger Games, not something I like reading. All in all, a good book, but not a good one for me.

4 thoughts on “Journal Entries

  1. Hi Steph, sorry that the book didn’t really appeal but I appreciate the effort you put into your blog, activities and journal entries each week. I am looking forward to seeing your group’s final presentation.

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