The Testing. Chapter 11-17

This week’s section started with Tomas saving Cia from plummeting to her death. They have found each other and are continue the test together as partners, as planned beforehand. Cia’s knowledge of survival keeps them from dehydration and hunger. They travel towards Tuso City and see a very lush oasis, Cia is cautious and believes that the oasis may be a trap. However, Tomas is not as cautious. The oasis blows up and a tree branch impales itself into Tomas’ bottom, Cia is unharmed. Cia treats the wound in a very painful way. They kiss and begin a slow moving romantic relationship. They find bicycles and repair them. They use these bikes to ride to Tuso City faster. They encounter 3 people who are hungry and weak. They help them, then they continue their journey. Cia makes a huge discovery, the identification bracelets  are listening devices, so the Testers can keep track of the candidates. Then the pair get threatened by bear/wolf creatures. They run and turn up in an abandoned city, which reminds Cia of her father’s nightmares. The city is a maze full of booby traps. They find Will and continue their journey. During this time, Cia continuously gets gifts of food from a strange man who throws the food into the city from the fence line.


The Testing. Chapter 6-11

Dystopias. A dystopian society is the opposite of a utopian society; a society where there is little or no evil, it’s a place of happiness and sunshine. A dystopia is the opposite, however not in every case it’s obvious. Just like the book The Testing, the dystopian society is not obvious, especially to children who’ve yet to experience life outside of their own divisions. At the start of the book the place seems like a utopia, but all the happiness is an illusion. The dictionary describes a dystopia as a society characterised by human misery, as squalor, oppression, disease, and/or overcrowding.


Discussion Director

The Testing. Chapter 1-6


What are your thoughts about The Testing? (The Testing, not the book.)

If you were Cia, who would you trust and why?

What can you tell me about this society?

Do you like the book so far? Explain why.